Sanitary Assembly: Food Hygiene Syringe

Product Used: LCS50 series linear slide

Assembly process of a food hygiene syringe, which is used to test the cleanliness of a food preparation surface: SMAC is involved in moving the main part of the syringe from pick up position moving 180mm to the drop-off point. Cycle time demand: 1.1 seconds.

Objective: Customer was using a mixture of pneumatic turntables, valves and slides to achieve the 180mm displacement of the main syringe tube. Pneumatic equipment was breaking down as regularly as every six days. Production rate was low around 20-30 a minute, 1500 per hour, 36000 per day 24 hour shifts. When running, there were a lot of complaints for late deliveries. They wanted to increase production rate by reducing down time for constant repairs.

Solution: LCS50-250-35, linear slide unit with 250mm stroke was selected. Just in the first week SMAC improved their production rate by 6%. A month later they had produced more than ever before, averaging 52-55 per minute, equates to 3300 per hour, 79200 per day (24 hours a day) about double the production rate. No air supply need for the SMAC actuator.

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