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Airbag Base Components

The fully automated solution which was originally conducted by human hand is now used to 100% measure and test inline production of air bag components, which require a total of nine independent checks, two checks externally on the component and seven checks internally within the part. The cycle time from start to finish for each component is less than 2.5 seconds. It runs 24/7 and enables 100% data feedback and verification of each individual test on each individual part.

The primary checks are:

  • Groove location
  • Groove depth
  • Groove diameter

In addition the following QC checks are carried out:

  • Flatness of face
  • Bore depth
  • Bore diameter
  • Bore surface finish and debris presence
  • Flange thickness

Key Operational Details

  • 100% in-process inspection of air bag bases, which are safety-critical components
  • Two external features and seven internal features inspected
  • Using LAS95-15 & LAL35-50 to create an X-Y and plug gauge
  • 2.1 second cycle time
  • 24/7 operation
  • Data acquisition capability
  • Soft-land prevents damage
  • Controlled force ensures measurement repeatability
  • Automatically checks bore diameter, bore depth and undercut
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