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SMAC electric actuators are used for various applications in the packaging industry. SMAC's CBL Series actuators have been specially designed with packaging equipment OEMs and end users in mind.

With a lower price due to 30% fewer parts and cylindrical form, these programmable linear actuators fit those applications where air cylinders can't provide the speed, reliability, controllability, and longevity necessary to meet customers’ productivity goals, changeover needs, and cost reduction requirements.

• Overall Lower Cost

• Airless Operation

• Faster Cycle Times

• Easily Programmed

• Programmable Force, Velocity & Position

• Longer Lasting Cycle Life

• Quieter and Cleaner Operation

• Greater Repeatability


SMAC electric actuators are not limited to just air cylinder replacement. With controllable force, velocity, and position, along with SMAC's unique Soft-Land™ Technology these actuators can be used to solve your most challenging packaging process needs and deliver the feedback needed for validating processes. Combine these features with airless operation and they are perfectly suited for pharmaceutical and clean room applications.

Imagine the Possible Solutions

Contact us and we can review a list of successful packaging applications using SMAC's moving coil actuators. Better yet, tell us about your biggest packaging equipment and process challenges. Then let your imagination run wild seeing how SMAC's actuators can solve them.

Flexible Packages

Corrugated Cardboard Testing, Packaging Sealers, Opening,  Forming
Rejecting, Lane Dividing  Soft Eject, Soft Divert, and Sorting
Fitment Assembly
Pressure/Leak Testing


Packaging Assembly

Pull Testing
Sanitary Assembly

Molded Package/Containers
Molding packaging


While SMAC has been known for over 20 years throughout the electronics, automotive and industrial assembly markets for its moving coil actuators with programmable stroke, velocity and force. SMAC's recent design of the CBL Series electric cylinder has provided an economical solution to the packaging industries biggest challenge – How to get the speed, quietness and programmability of electric actuators at a cost competitive to air cylinders without the wear issues associated with these type devices.

See a Need, Fill a Need

Costs Less than Air Cylinders SMAC reduced the number of components in its actuators to make them price competitive with air cylinders. When you take into account the operating cost of compressed air, unit life expectancies, replacement costs, downtime and changeover times, SMAC's actuators often have a significantly lower total cost than air cylinders and electromechanical alternatives.

Faster Cycle Times  Throughput is productivity, so higher cycle times of 2,000+ cpm means your equipment and lines can run faster with more accuracy and greater dependability, all without having to oversize your actuator.

Quiet, Airless Operation SMAC's actuators are quieter because they do not use exhaust air and no hard stops. SMAC's Soft-Land™ Technology uses programmed movements to quickly and gently perform each operation.

Longer Lasting SMAC high speed linear actuators are designed for over 100 million cycles without any seals to fail. Compare this to life cycles and replacement costs of air cylinders and electromechanical devices and you'll see why SMAC saves you money and increases your productivity.

Programmable, Repeatable Position, velocity and force can not only be programmed on SMAC's actuators, it can be verified, thus validating each part in the process. Changeover on the fly means $10,000's in changeover labor cost savings.

The programmable positioning of SMAC’s actuators is a substantial cost savings in setup and adjustments in the ever-changing packaging markets. SMAC's Soft-Land™ Technology allows the actuator to rapidly approach the stopping point and then slow down right as contact is made. SMAC's actuators take advantage of the force feedback capability to detect parts and products that are not in their proper location, thus preventing serious damage to equipment due to accidental impact or forcing non-aligned assembly.

SMAC's airless operation with velocity, position and force feedback make it ideal for pharmaceutical and medical device applications where verification of processes is critical to validation and airless operation is required for clean room processes. In addition, the precision inherent with SMAC's actuators make small, intricate and sensitive medical device operations more efficient and reliable. This equates to even greater cost savings where the cost of scrap is higher.

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