Capping Luer Slip or Luer Lock Syringes

Luer capping, needle capping and syringe capping require special considerations. Users need to verify that caps are seated correctly the first time.

When performing a capping sequence SMAC actuators can verify:

  • Bad threads (cross threads, oversize/undersize threads, no threads)
  • Landed height in the linear axis 
  • Provides torque feedback 
  • Final height in the linear axis (and degree of rotation)
  • Verifies final torque is reached (i.e., cap is on tight to spec)

*In some cases all capabilities are utilized in under 1 second per part*luer cap

All of the variable data can be sent/ retrieved via various communication options. User assignable I/O can report pass or fail criteria as well.

SMAC Advantages:

  • Eliminate pneumatic systems, ball screw, linear guides, stepper motor, magnetic clutch, and load cell.
  • Verify and monitor your capping process from start to finish. 
  • Constant data streaming ensures a quality process.
  • Data collection on every part via our I/O.
  • Maintenance free low cost operation. No filters, air leaks, or compressors to maintain.
  • Millions of cycles.
  • Ultra-low particle generation for clean room applications.


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