Proven Quality Control Solutions for Known Problems

Growing quality requirements demand a 100% quality control in the production. SMAC’s unique automated contact measurement solution was developed to solve the problems with existing inspection systems with LVDT, Camera, Laser, and manual gauging. It successfully automates inspection procedures and performs in the shop floor environment where conventional solutions have failed.


“GAUGE CORRELATION” - SMAC measurements can easily be correlated to manual gauge methods 

SMAC measurement system can be programmed with variable force/displacement that duplicates human hands and fingers with data feedback. Quick measurement of force or diameters/depths and locations to submicron accuracy for Quality Assurance. It is a great tool for industries where metrology is key.

SMAC inline quality control solutions are used for automotive parts and industrial components; thread check and quality measurements for casting parts, airbag components, automotive switches, touch screen, latch assemblies, and many more.

  • 100% inspection
  • Increased quality
  • SPC data acquisition
  • Process control feedback
  • Increased throughput


Why Use SMAC QC Solutions? quality_control

Comparison with conventional solutions:


  • Optical distortions
  • Require consistent lighting = No shadow
  • Vibrations = Blurred the image
  • Dirty environment (oil/coolant mist)


  • Reflective inaccuracies.
  • Problems with textured and or certain color surfaces.


  • Pneumatic, variables in air pressure cause inaccuracies
  • Non-programmable
  • Not linear: positional data and spring is non linear—must be scaled
  • Very short operating strokes.
  • Poor positional resolution
  • Require the motion provided by another source
  • Poor force control (by Pneumatics)

Eddy Current

  • Surface of the material must be accessible.
  • The finish of the material may cause bad readings.
  • Based on its level of conductivity
  • The depth of penetration into the material is limited (Especially thick cast parts and blind holes.)
  • Expensive & fragile (Ceramic core) probe tips ($300 to $500+ to replace)


If you have an application that you feel SMAC can be of help, contact us to request a product demo and a proof of concept.


Brief description

Product used

Turbine blade inspection

Measuring how parallel a turbine blade is to the fixture that the blade is being held on

LCA25 series linear

Connector Pin Height Measurement

High speed measurement to improve throughput in the quality check process

LCA25 series linear

Contact Pin QC

Target is to check the presence of the spring in a contact pin and measure its force at a defined position

LCA8 series linear

Multiple Gauging

Inline inspection for wheel bearing

Multi Axis System

Screw Tread checking

In-line thread inspection

LAR55 series linear rotary

Bore Gauging and Groove Inspection

100% measure and test inline production of air bag components

Multi Axis System: LAS95 Series

Slide & LAL35 Series Linear

Automated Switch Testing

  • Automotive/industry switches
  • Force displacement
  • Spring rate measurement
  • Door latch assemblies
  • Ensures no debris or swarf is left behind.


Total solution for switch inspection demands. 100% testing in a production environment or providing a comprehensive report in a test lab for audit and QA purposes

CAL series electric cylinder

LAL series linear actuator

LAR series linear rotary actuator

LAS series linear slide



Metrology is the science of measurement, including theoretical and practical aspects of measurement.

CAL series electric cylinder

LAL series linear actuator

LAR series linear rotary actuator

LAS series linear slide

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