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The Most Versatile & Useful Motion Control Device

Some of the most demanding applications in motion control can be found in the electronics and semiconductor industry. They require a combination of extreme accuracy and precision with high output.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuator technology has been adopted into electronics manufacturing industries around the world for both front and back end processes. This is because of SMAC’s high degree of accuracy and speed, positioning capabilities, and unique ability to control forces. Those capabilities are essential to do both work and test during the manufacturing process. SMAC linear rotary actuators come in a single ready-to-mount package with through-the-rod-vacuum. This pick and place head with vacuum saves you cost and increases the throughput of the machine.


  • Programmable force/torque, position, velocity in all axes
  • SMAC’s unique Soft-Land™ ability (<10gf contact force) to avoid parts damage
  • Easily programmed position and force “windows” to warn of missing or broken components
  • Precise force control with feedback


  • Rod/Shaft run-out < 30 micron (<10 micron optional)
  • Positions sub-micron accuracy
  • Different height placement


  • High speed continuous operation, 50,000 cycles/hour (15Hz)
  • Long life cycle over 100 million cycles

For more information on how SMAC electric actuators can be useful in electronic assemblies, as a touchscreen tester, pick and place robot, battery tensioner or other application, contact us to request a product demo.


Brief description

Product used

Die Bonding

Chip Mounter with controlled low contact force

LCA8 series linear

Automatic Test of Electronic Components

High speed and long life 1 billion cycle chip tester

LCA31 series liner

PCB Assembly

Precise and fast Z theta actuators for high volume surface mount technology placement equipments

LAR31 series linear rotary

Mobile/Keyboard Switch Testing

In-line durability test. Measuring click point, force and displacement. Report force vs. position with SPC data collection

CAL36 series electric cylinder

Touch Screen Testing

Quality check for smart phone touch screen, including zoom in and out, touch screen fatigue test

CAL36 series electric cylinder
LAS series linear slide
LCS25 series linear slide

Smart Phone Camera and Speaker Assembly

Small, fragile components assembly with Soft-Land™, variable speed control, and position feedback for 100% proof of quality

LCA25 series linear
LAR15 linear rotary

Connector Pin Insertion and Height Measurement

Flexible Insertion Systems, for press fit and solderless interconnects on PCB boards. High speed measurement to improve throughput in the quality check process

LCA25 series linear

Battery Pack Winding Machines

Affordable programmable battery tensioner with force control. A great choice for battery pack winding machines concerned with rapid and accurate production. SMAC excels at force control which is the key for tensioning. Force resolution of 10 grams maintained over the entire force range. Easily replaces low friction pneumatic cylinders that have inconsistent force throughput. Response time 10x better than our closest competitor.


SMT Pick and Place Machine Demonstration

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