Automotive industry parts and assembly quality standards have moved from sigma level sampling to zero defect requirements. These more stringent manufacturing results can be achieved through a combination of containment through 100% inspections (eliminating bad parts) and correction through immediate feedback and adjustment. Inspection by hand can be reduced or eliminated, parts rejection can virtually be eliminated, and tool wear can be substantially reduced, all while increasing the pace of production.

SMAC programmable actuators allow 100% detailed inspection and verification for all mission critical parts and are being used in a variety of automotive applications such as screw thread checking, switch tests, quality measurement, effort testing, displacement testing and more. SMAC can provide unique inline quality control solutions that successfully automate inspection procedures.

Automating these processes means:

  • 100% inspection
  • Increased quality
  • SPC data acquisition
  • Process control feedback
  • Increased throughput

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Brief description

Products used

Automated Screw Thread Checking

Fully automated 100% inspection and test of screw thread check for optimal quality assurance.

LAR55 series linear rotary

Airbag Base Bore Gauging and Groove Inspection

100% measure and test inline production of air bag components

Multi Axis System: LAS95
Series Slide & LAL35

Automated Switch Testing

Automotive/industry switches, force displacement, spring rate measurement, door latch assemblies

Total solution for switch inspection demands. 100% testing in a production environment or providing a comprehensive report in a test lab for audit and QA purposes

CAL series electric cylinder
LAL series linear
LAR series linear rotary
LAS series linear slide

Seatbelt & Child Seat Buckle Testing

A sequence of tests of latching and release mechanisms

LAL300 series linear
LAL95 series linear

Fuel Injector Component Quality Control

Automate components gauging and improved quality control process

LAL35 series linear

Fuel Injector Plug Gauging

100% in-process inspection with controlled force to prevent part damage

LAL20 series linear

Automotive Wheel Valve Pressure Test

Adjust/set tire pressure during final assembly line test

LAR55 series linear rotary

Contact Inspection of Rod Eccentricity

100% inspection: Measure maximum and minimum travel and compares it with the stored Go/No-Go values


Battery Pack Winding Machines

Affordable programmable battery tensioner with force control. A great choice for battery pack winding machines concerned with rapid and accurate production. SMAC excels at force control which is the key for tensioning. Force resolution of 10 grams maintained over the entire force range. Easily replaces low friction pneumatic cylinders that have inconsistent force throughput. Response time 10x better than our closest competitor.


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