LCS Series Linear Slide Actuators

Linear Slide Actuators Lcs Series

The LCS series is designed based on the LCA series. These electric slide are available in a wide range of style and options with stroke from 10mm to 250mm, peak force up to 90N. High or low speed and precise positioning with high repeatability make them ideal for applications such as parts feeding, scanning, testing, and measuring in wide range of industries.

  • Force, Position and Velocity Control
  • Soft-Land capability
  • Long life cycle
Actuator Models Single Axis Controller Dual Axis Controller Amplifier Smart Driver
  LAC-1 LCC-10(11) LAC-26 LAC-25 LAA-5 LAD-1
Single Phase
CAH-LOD26-03 CAH-LOD26-03 - - CAH-LAD26-03 CAH-LSD26-03
Multi Phase
- MAH-LOD26-03 - - - -

No cable required for flying lead option.

Linear encoder resolutions: LCS8 series: 1µm standard. 0.1µm optional. LCS25 and LCS50 series: 5µm standard. 0.5µm, 1µm and 0.1µm optional for most units.

Return spring: Prevents the shaft from dropping during vertical operation when power is cut.

Increase of maximum force & acceleration: 48 volt coil and double coil options are available for some units with 24 volt single coil.

Increase of force accuracy & lifetime: Extra long life linear guide, Low friction linear guide

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