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LPL Series Linear Actuator

LPL30 Series Linear Actuator

LPL30 series low-profile electric linear actuators are ideal for dosing and dispensing applications.

LPL30 is an addition to its LPL series low-profile electric linear actuator, designed for speed, consistency and repeatability, making it perfect for use in dosing and dispensing applications.

The LPL30 actuator's 5 mm stroke and 30 mm pitch are ideal for dosing and dispensing applications and its compact size fits most dosing and dispensing machines. The LPL30 stroke is programmable and can be adjusted to compensate for valve seat location variation. The LPL30 is IP76 and 69 rated.

  • Stroke: 5 mm
  • Size: 30x30x175 mm
  • Peak Force: 42N at 48VDC
  • Total Mass: 0.82 kg
  • IP76 and 69 rated

LDR Series Linear Rotary Actuator

LDR16 Series Linear Rotary Actuator LDR16, precise, lower-cost actuator for electronic assembly

The LDR, precise, lower-cost linear rotary actuator, features patented low shaft runout (<10 microns) HT motor with SMAC’s printed coil technology that eliminates motor cogging.

The LDR16 is the first model of its series and designed for pick-and-place electronic component assembly. Other applications include silicon wafer brushing, small-cap assembly, and small-screw assembly driver. A combination of improved design, the rotary motor’s laser manufacturing and printed coil technology, SMAC in-house manufactured encoders and U.S. manufacturing contribute to the lower price.

Stroke: 35 mm
Size: 190x16x77 mm
Peak Force: 14N
Rotary Encoder: 24K counts/Rev.
Peak Torque: 33 mNm (24Vdc, 4.5A)
Total Mass: 0.65 kg

LDL Series Linear Actuator

Cost-competitive Alternative to Pneumatics, Starting at $300

LDL-Group-Image The LDL has been designed as a cost-competitive alternative to pneumatics. A common trend in industrial automation is that users are looking for electric alternatives to their pneumatic components for a number of reasons: control, cycle life, operating cost and environment, etc. The LDL series actuator features several innovative cost reduction elements that result in a list price starting at $300.

  • Stroke [mm] : 10 - 100
  • Peak Force [N] : 90 (48VDC)
  • Encoder Resolution [µm] : 5 standard, 1 optional
  • Cost competitive electric solution
  • Fully programmable in force, position and velocity
  • SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ technology
  • Built-in controller type available


Gage Actuators - MLA and MSA Series MLA8-and-MSA8-Gaging-Actuator

Smart Gauging - Improves Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility)

SMAC electric gage actuators provide you gauging solutions with consistant, fast and precise control of the process. Gauge actuators are easy to install and eliminate problems associated with the conventional pneumatic solutions. They reduce maintenance time and cost. These actuators are designed based on SMAC proprietary moving coil technology and include SMAC’s own encoders. SMAC offers two types of gauge actuators: MLA8 series (Powered Actuator) and MSA8 series (Linear Spring Loaded Probe).


HT Series High Torque Brushless DC Motor HT35-and-HT55-High-Torque-Brushless-DC-Motors

The HT is a new revolutionary high torque brushless DC motor designed and manufactured by SMAC. Compared to other brushless motors, the HT Motor has a flat torque–speed curve meaning that the speed is less influenced when the torque is increased. The secret to that is found how the magnetic circuit is built. A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology achieves higher torque/amp.

Most small motors run at high RPMs but have low torque. These are not well fitted for robotic applications. Expensive and heavy gears are required to get to the required torque. Higher currents and/or voltages are needed to get useful torques.


VLC Series (Very Low Cost) Controllers

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has announced release of their next generation VLC Series (Very Low Cost) DC brushed/brushless motor controllers/drivers. With a price starting at $300, the VLC represents another 35% drop in price compared to many of the company’s previous controllers with no loss in features/functionality. This enables SMAC to compete with older technology such as pneumatic cylinders and electric ball screws and attract new OEM applications.

SMAC’s VLC product line is designed and built by SMAC in the United States. Since SMAC controls the development, it can adjust the product to specific design and market/customer needs. These efficiencies result in a considerable cost-savings to the end customer.

The VLC - with its compact size and flexible shape capability - can be easily added to most of SMAC actuators. This is important because of the trend to combine actuators with controllers which eliminates cables and the need for space in control cabinets on machines.

VLC-ETC: Single Axis EtherCAT Servo Drive VLC-ETC-EtherCAT-Controller with ethercat icon

The VLC-ETC is an EtherCAT servo drive that is based on SMAC's VLC 1-axis integrated controller/driver and an additional layer that provides the EtherCAT connectivity. The VLC part is pre-programmed with system macros to accommodate control and monitoring functionalities of the servo drive.


VLC-2-EIP: Ethernet/IP 2-Axis Servo Motor Controller/Driver VLC-2-EIP-07_EthernetIP

The VLC-2-EIP is a 2-axis servo drive with an ODVA-conformant Ethernet/IP connectivity.The VLC-2-EIP is based on SMAC’s VLC-25-07 2-axis integrated controller/driver and a single VLC-2-EIP can control 2-axis systems such as SMAC's linear rotary actuators at a lower cost and a lower installation complexity.


VLCI-R1 Single Axis Controller

VLCI-R1-Single-Axis-Controller_Built-in-Type VLCI-R1 Built-in Type Single-Axis Integrated Controller/Servo Drive 

  • Mode: Position/Velocity/Force/Soft-Land 
  • 8-48VDC
  • 3.5 Arms cont., 6.5 Arms peak
  • 1 differential analog inputs,12 bit
  • ​1 analog output
  • 4 SSR (solid state relay) opto-isolated digital inputs 5-24V
  • 4 PLC level opto-isolated digital outputs 5 to 24V
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • 2 STO Opto-Isolated Inputs 5-24V
  • 1 STO Opto-Isolated Feedback Output 5-24V
  • Analog Outputs 1 Channel, 0 to 10V with 12-Bit Resolution
  • RS232


VLC-25-07 / VLC-25-13 Dual Axis Controller

VLC-25-07-Dual-Axis-Controller 2-Axis Standalone Integrated Controller/Servo Drive 

  • Mode: Position/Velocity/Force/Soft-Land
  • 8-48VDC
  • 4x opto-isolated digital inputs, 5V to 24 V max
  • 4x opto-isolated digital outputs, 60V, 200 mA max
  • 2x opto-isolated coarse home inputs
  • 2x STO opto-isolated digital inputs, 5V to 24 V max
  • 1x STO opto-isolated feedback output, 60V, 200 mA max
  • 2x 12-bit pseudo-differential analog inputs, 0 to +/- 10V range
  • 3x 12-bit analog inputs, 0V to 10V range (0V to <10V optional)
  • 2x 12-bit analog outputs, 0V to 10V range (0V to 5V optional)


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