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High Torque Brushless DC Motors

The HT is a new revolutionary high torque brushless DC motor. Compared to other brushless motors, the HT Motor has a flat torque–speed curve meaning that the speed is less influenced when the torque is increased. The secret to that is found how the magnetic circuit is built. A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology achieves higher torque/amp.

Most small motors run at high RPMs but have low torque. These are not well fitted for robotic applications. Expensive and heavy gears are required to get to the required torque. Higher currents and/or voltages are needed to get useful torques.

SMAC Advantages

  • Halbach magnet circuits that increase toque > 2 times due to flux density of over 10K gauss. 
  • SMAC’s patent pending printed coil technology that allows for winding configurations not possible using conventional mechanical winding methods. 
  • Reduces new motor tooling costs to a fraction of the old conventional methods.
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