Compliant Finishing and Deburring

Removal, Polishing, Finishing, Deburring, Cutting with SMAC Moving Coil Actuators

SMAC’s programmable electric actuators are ideal for material removal, surface preparation and finishing operations, including grinding, finishing, polishing, etc.

What is a Soft-Land™?

The Soft-Land™ is a patented unique routine which allows the actuator rod to land on and follow the contours of a surface with a low programmed force. It gives extremely accurate sensing of product location or dimensions. This is particularly useful for precision finishing, polishing and deburring.

The routine consists of a controlled low force approach in velocity mode, while the position error is constantly monitored. Once contact is made the position error builds up until a pre-programmed figure is reached - resulting in the rod maintaining position on the surface of the container.

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