PCB Assembly

SMAC delivers compact overall size, light weight, extreme speed, high precision and a combination of programmable force, position and velocity in both the linear and rotary axes at the same time. These characteristics make SMAC electric actuators ideal for assembly applications.

Programmable force, torque, position and velocity in all axes made SMAC actuators a popular choice for incorporation into a number of printed circuit board assembly lines. The unique Soft-Land function allows the unit to gently land on a delicate component with a controlled force, avoiding damage to the component, the underlying PCB and the actuator itself. Because SMAC electric actuators are programmable, components can be placed at different heights, and warnings can be generated for missing or broken components. Electric actuators offer multi-functionality with the ability to assemble and test components, with additional life test and measurement functions in a single unit.

LAR31 series linear rotary actuators have extremely precise encoders, with a resolution of five microns and standard options of one, 0.5 and 0.1 micron. With repeatable positioning to +/- two encoder counts, the actuators are capable of highly accurate placement, with shaft run-out less than 30um standard, and less than 10um achievable for special units. The compact size allows it to be incorporated into many existing lines.

SMAC Advantages:

SOFT LAND™ (patented)

  1. Ability to Soft-Land™ onto delicate parts to avoid damage. Controlled contact force as low as 5grams or less.
  2. Programmable motion profile


  1. Accurate repeatable positioning to +/- 3 encoder counts, shaft run-out ≤30μm.
  2. Long life over 100 million life cycle without maintenance for continuous operation
  3. The vacuum passage built in the shaft through the rotary motor prevents dust build up in the unit
  4. Force feedback


  1. Easily programmed position and force “windows” to warn of missing or broken components.
  2. Programmable force/torque, position, velocity in all axes


  1. Data collection of all measurements possible
  2. Part to part datum recognition on the fly


  1. Assembly and test functions in one unit.
  2. Life testing of components as well as measurement functions in one unit.


  1. Up to 5 nanometer resolution possible in some models


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