Mobile/Keyboard Switch Testing

SMAC’s devices combine the features of an LVDT, Load Cell and zero-backlash positioning system into a single unit. These actuators perform the tests and report not only a Pass / Fail result but also measure stroke and force required to make or break contact. The Soft-Land feature allows testing to be done without the risk of damaging delicate mechanisms, and testing can be done in-line during the manufacturing process. This makes it ideal for reporting force vs. position and high speed durability testing. Easily integrates into any SPC data collection software. Accurately determines electrical contact point.

Force vs Position data feedback 

High speed durability testing 1,000,000 cycles in less than 8 hours

Suitable for:

  • Automotive switch panels
  • Multi-function switches
  • White goods
  • Micro-switches
  • Membrane keypads
  • Trunk release switches
  • Safety relays

SMAC Advantages

  • Ability to “Soft-Land” onto delicate and low-force switches with a force of only a few grams  
  • Force feedback allows the user to measure break/toggle point on out and return stroke, thus displaying switch differential
  • Easily programmed position and force “windows” to warn of missing or broken components.
  • Life testing of components as well as measurement and QA reporting functions in one unit.
  • Assembly and test functions in one unit.
  • Data capture to plot force vs. position
  • Linear/rotary actuator in a single ready-to-mount package

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