Automatic Test of Electronic Components

Product Used: LCA31 series linear actuator

The machine has either 16 or 32 stations. Vertical move pushes parts down onto test contacts. Test had been done by Cams in the past. The Cams exert too much force for the high volume small components like capacitors and resistors. These and other more expensive IC chips are being fractured by the Cams.

Application was developed to replace the Cams. The required move is 2.8mm in 8msec down with a stop position of +/- 10 microns. This requires an acceleration of 60G. The machine can operate at a cycle rate that can test 300 million chips a year. Thus an actuator cycle life of 1 billion cycles is demanded.

SMAC testing including speed accelerated 80 Hz proved that 1 billion cycles were achieved.

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