Agujas hipodérmicas

Hypodermic needles are 100% tested at a rate of one per second to make sure that the needles are secured to the hub. The needles are assembled and tested on a rotary index table. When the needle comes into the station, a gripper actuator grips the needle and a four pound force is applied. A position measurement is made, and if the needle separates, a bad part is indicated.

Key Operational Details

  • Position is registered with the gripper affixed to the needle
  • Force is ramped up and position is monitored to check for any movement
  • Indicate pass/fail status
  • Force can be controlled to +/- 25 grams
  • Position can be maintained to +/- five encoder counts

SMAC Advantages

  • Instantaneous transition from position mode to force mode
  • Ability to monitor position in force mode and make decision to change programs

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