Contact Pin QC

Product used: Unit: LCA8 series linear

Target is to check the presence of the spring in a contact pin and measure its force at a defined position.
This has to be done at two different positions:

  • 1st position with fully compressed spring (~3.5mm from start position) to check the spring presence by measuring the force.
  • 2nd position at mid stroke (~2mm from start position) and measure the force.

Problem/objective: Until today the customer was achieving this with pneumatic cylinders, external sensors and a weight on the top to simulate the force...and this without acceptable results. Their biggest problem being that they need 2 stations on the machine to make the 2 measures.


  • Fast approach in PM
  • Soft-Land on pin
  • PM to 1st position, measure force
  • PM to 2nd position, measure force
  • Check if forces are within given tolerances

Position and force are checked during the whole process in order to abort the process if there is any problem.

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