Gauge System for Installation of Rear Car Window Screen

A positioning system to ensure the integrity of placement of the windscreen for a leading car manufacturer.

The prepared windscreen is placed by a robot into a gauge fixture prior to fitting. The existing fixture has been replaced for several reasons:

  • Lack of positioning accuracy
  • Poor control of the pneumatic cylinders which causes   intermittent damage to the screens.
  • After placement by the pneumatic cylinders there is no more possibility to adjust the position of the windscreen.

The 2 pneumatic cylinders for centering the windscreen are replaced by the 2 LAL95-015.
Two of six pneumatic cylinders for position measurement are not needed anymore.
The LAL95 provides both positioning & measurement.
All other sensors, mechanical and electronic parts are unchanged.

SMAC Advantages:

  • No more damage with windscreens during QC due to Soft-Land function
  • Capability to move the windscreens after test to accommodate tolerances = minimal rejects.
  • Minimal changes to the existing systems

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