Inspection of the Curvature of Automotive Window Glass

Replacing air cylinders and LVDTs to improve in-line curvature inspection for automotive windscreen.

Problem: Poor positioning and accuracy of the air cylinder, LVDT and force control system causing defective in process. Long downtime due to short life and consuming position calibration of LVDT.

Solution: LAL20 series linear actuators were installed vertically, shaft up to a gauge mold fixture. The windscreen placed, curvature facing down, on top of the fixture with stops that are used as a reference point to position the glass.

All the actuator receive a signal from the operator in order to start to move using Velocity Mode an unknown distance in order to locate the surface of the windscreen with a controlled force, and then report the position of all of them to a master computer.

All the measurement will be reflected in a shape of the windscreen and the program will calculate if all distances are within the curvature specification. If the result is affirmative will display on the screen all distances on green color and if the result or just one is negative will display the values on red color .Using this information the operator will move manually the windscreen to a pass or fail pallet and Start the process again.

Inspection cycle time is 3 seconds per part and total inspection cycle time is 6 seconds (visual and contact inspection).

100% in-line quality control solution with off-the shelf standard product, Easy to setup, excellent repeatability, flexibility and control of position and force (Soft-Land capability). Long life and robust product.

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