Glass, Solar Panel & Flat Panel Manufacturing

SMAC can improve efficiency in glass manufacturing and glass handling with equipment for more precise control and flexibility. Precision work in grinding, cutting, and polishing processes for the glass industry can be easily done by SMAC programmable linear actuator

Precise force control and the ability to track a surface with constant force throughout the stroke are important when handling brittle material. SMAC’s unique Soft-Land function, the ability to apply as low force as 0.1N or less, and move with a set force while beveling or cutting is something SMAC can easily do.

SMAC programmable linear actuator also gives continuous position and force feedback which can be used to monitor many production factors such as real time tool wear, thereby improving the uptime of the process and resulting in a much faster production process. The ability to Soft-Land, measure, and track an unknown or uneven surface at the same, or a different, programmed force makes the unit ideal for processing uneven surfaces.

Successful applications with SMAC precision actuators have been proven at many top solar panel, flat screen and glass manufacturers around the world.

  • Glass cutting and de-burring
  • Chamfering and beveling
  • Scoring for solar panels and LCDs
  • Glass manufacturing and assembly

Key experience:

  • Force control and the ability to track a surface with constant force throughout the stroke
  • Unique “Soft-Land” = No more damage to glass during operation
  • Ability to press with specific and constant force
  • Measure displacement
  • Ability to adjust position of glass after test to accommodate tolerances = minimal rejects
  • 100% QC/QA in-line test
  • Data collection and feedback for predictive maintenance (tool wear)
  • Easy Installation and Calibration to the existing systems


For more information on how SMAC electric actuators can be useful in the glass manufacturing and handling, contact us to request a product demo.


Brief description

Product used

Solar Cell Scoring

Improve uptime of the process with Soft-Land capability

LASW20 series linear slide

LCD Panel Scoring and Beveling

Find the glass surface with “Soft-Land” and track the surface during scoring/beveling

LAR31 series linear rotary
LCA series linear

Measuring Thickness of Thin Flexible Glass

Measurement without damage

LAL20 series linear

Inspection of the Curvature of Automotive and Aircraft Window Glass

Replacing air cylinders and LVDTs to improve in-line curvature inspection for automotive windscreen

LAL20 series linear

Gauge System for Installation of Rear Car Window Screen

A positioning system to ensure the integrity of placement of the windscreen for a leading car manufacturer

LAL95 series linear

Glass Grinding

Precise force control and Soft-Land capability for a glass and ceramics manufacturer

LAL55 series linear

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