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The Ability to Do Work, Verify Its Accuracy & Feedback the Data

SMAC moving coil actuators’ technology has been adopted by nanotechnology companies, genomics research laboratories, and universities for its high accuracy, repeatable positioning, and programmable speed. We understand demands for high precision and high reliability. SMAC's programmable actuators allow for precision positioning and placement for the process for manufacturing and quality control of the products in Medical, Lab, Bio-Science and Pharmaceutical industry.


Improve Quality When Working Under FDA GMP & European Directive Environments

These precise devices eliminate incremental errors that come with the use of open-loop actuators. SMAC’s precision actuators are fully close-looped and provide extremely accurate position data and positioning capability with resolution as to five nanometers. Easy setup, compact, all-in-one package is ideal for integration to existing equipment and new developments.

Advantages of SMAC’s Precision Actuators:

  • Direct linear drive: Uses no ball screws, no rotary bearings, no motor brushes
  • No backlash:  Cog-free linear motion, which is free from backlash, irregularity, and energy loss that result from converting rotary to linear motion. These attributes result in a high level of smoothness, zero dithering and controllability.
  • No hysteresis - No influence from moving direction
  • Variable velocity: A wide range of velocity is available, from millimeters to meters/sec.
  • Controllable velocity: Obtaining a smooth and consistent velocity
  • Faster Settling Times
  • Large acceleration: The high force-to-low moving mass ratio allows large accelerations up to 100 mm/sec.
  • Accuracy & Repeatability: 5 micron encoder with options of 1, 0.1, 0.5 microns or 50 nanometer encoder. The zero-backlash feature provides a highly repeatable system.
  • Data feedback
  • Packaged subsystem: the positioning system is completely integrated – the actuators, positioning sensor, slides, and the controller. Hardware and software for positioning control are already implemented. 

Application Examples

For more information on how SMAC precision positioning actuators and stages can be useful in genomics, contact us to request a product demo.

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