Automotive Wheel Valve Pressure Test

Product used: LAR55 series linear rotary

Objective: Adjust / Set the tire pressure during the final assembly line test.

Requirement: Screw off valve stem cap, pressure test valve, set wheel/tire to correct pressure, screw valve stem cap back on and verify it is on the valve stem with the correct torque and linear position.
Use LAR55-050 with hollow shaft to bring compressed air to a single acting, spring closed, manifold mount, pneumatic gripper mounted to the shaft of the LAR55. The pneumatic gripper is used to hold on to the valve stem cap. LAR55 is used to rotate cap off and back on, and change the linear position of the gripper. The LAR55 is mounted to a robot, when we have the cap off, robot rotates LAR55 out of the way and pressure test is started.After the pressure test & adjustment is made, the LAR55 is moved back into position to rotate cap back on to correct position and torque.

Specifications: Torque required is .8 to 1 Nm. 3.5 seconds to take cap off or put cap on. Must verify cap torque and linear position so we know cap is present on valve stem after testing is done.

Result: Customer’s initial option was to use ball screws and rotary motors plus vision (LVDT) to verify cap presence. It became costly having to mount multiple components and make it all work. With the LAR55 and the Gripper we can take the cap off, hold on to it, put the cap back on the valve stem, and verify the cap is in the correct position along with the correct torque.

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