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What is MCA Inside?

Taking on our competition directly by not only offering more differential features the SMAC Voice Coil Actuator is known for, but also aligning the OEM requirements of "dropping into" the form, fit and function of the existing solution. This has been key in getting OEM's with an install base or and existing design to embrace SMAC as someone who can solve problems with minimal "inconvenience" in making the change. How do we do this, you ask? By employing some of these new manufacturing concepts:
  • SMAC’s latest cost down effort is partly based on the idea of “No Milling Allowed”. 
  • Parts are manufactured using precision machined plates with only LBL plates being machined.
  • Drilling tapping and reaming processes. This allows us to offer to the customer an actuator that can exactly meet a required size and mounting. 
  • Customer specified housing SMAC installs a standard Moving Coil Piston and Magnet assembly.


  • Replace an problem actuator - slow / inflexible / short cycle life - with a Moving Coil Actuator on a currently produced machine. 
  • Get an actuator that fits into a particular required space on a new machine. Allows you to get around the inflexible standard product offerings of many actuator makers. 
  • Get an actuator that meets the special mechanical requirements demanded for your particular application - ones that you know about and others do not.
Some recent design wins for SMAC and our customers:
  • Replacing a ballscrew stepper system with a "bolt-in" LBS17 with cross rollers resulting in more precision, longer life and quieter motion
  • Replacing throw away pneumatic air cylinder with "drop-in" CBL actuator with build-in controller on an eject application, eliminating downtime and set-up
  • Replacing Moving magnet linear motor with Rotary with CBR100 on OEM capping machine resulting long life and proof that the capping has been done to specification @ 100%

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