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LBL Series

The LBL is price competitive and designed to replace ball screw and pneumatic cylinders in the Packaging Industry. The LBL can be stacked for OEM multi-actuator stations. Stack actuators are a cost-effective solution for automating multiple axes. They simplify mounting and reduce cabling. It allows easy, quick exchange of units, which reduces down time. 
Find out more about SMAC STACK solution.

Starting with strokes from 25mm to 50mm, the range will extend up to 200mm. The LBL series generates a peak force of 60N and is extremely fast with accelerations in excess of 50G. The LBL gives >100 million cycle expected life.

Actuator Models Single Axis Controller Dual Axis Controller
Model Phase VLCI-X1 VLC-ETC VLC-1H-07/13 VLC-1-EIP VLC-25-07/13 VLC-2-EIP
LBL Multi (Brushless) MAH-6LOD26-03 MAH-4LOD26-03  
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