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LAL Series

SMAC's original series of linear actuators with stroke 5mm to 150mm. Standard resolution is 5µm with 1µm, 0.5µm and 0.1µm options available on most models.

Actuator Models Single Axis Controller Dual Axis Controller
Model Phase VLCI-X1 VLC-ETC VLC-1H-07/13 VLC-1-EIP VLC-25-07/13 VLC-2-EIP
LAL20/LAL35/LAL95 Single (Brush) VAH-6LOD26-03 VAH-4LOD26-03  
LAL55/LAL300/LAL500 Single (Brush) VAH-6LOD-03 VAH-4LOD-03  
2x LAL35, LAL95 Single (Brush)     VAH-4LTD26-03
2x LAL55, LAL300, LAL500 Single (Brush)     MAH-4LTD-03
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