HT35 Series

HT35 Series

The HT35 is the first model in the series of high torque brushless 3-phase DC motor.

  • A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology
  • Printed coil allows coil shapes impossible to achieve with conventional windings.
  • Rotary encoder 2K or 24K optional
  • Gear ratio 4:1 or 16:1 optional (Other ratio available upon request.)
  • Competitive pricing
Apply Voltage
48 Vdc
26 W
Terminal Resistance (phase to phase)
13.4 Ohm
Efficiency, maximum
No-load speed
2388 RPM
No-load current
0.08 A
Stall torque
497 mNm
Stall current
3.5 A
Friction torque (static)
10.1 mNm
Friction torque (dynamic) 
6.6 mNm
Speed constant
66.2 RPM/V
Back-EMF constant
14.7 mV/RPM
Torque constant
141.6 mNm
Current constant
0.02 A/mNm
speed of n-M-curve (speed/Torque gradient) 
4.85 RPM/mNm
Terminal inductance (phase to phase)
1.7 mH
Mechanical time constant
12 ms
Rotor inertia
136 gr cm3
Angular acceleration
28.3 10x3 rad/s3
Thermal resistance (winding to housing) 
1.9 K/W
Thermal resistance (housing to ambient) 
10.4 K/W
Thermal time constant (housing) ms
1390 s
Thermal time constant (coil) ms
33 s
Motor type
Pole pair
6 pole pair
Rotor mass
146 gr
Total mass
250 gr
Encoder Option
2K or 24K
Gearbox Option
4:1 or 16:2
Controller Option
Built-in Servo Controller


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