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The SMAC product line is constantly growing to meet demand as OEMs and end-users realize existing technologies are approaching the limits of their capabilities. The unique benefits of our actuators – high precision, excellent force control, energy efficiency and long lifespan – all mean that the versatility of our products is far greater than that of our competition.

As a distributor of SMAC actuators, you will be able to offer your customers the best actuator technology available. And because SMAC actuators go beyond what other actuators are capable of, new applications and markets will open up for you.

How can you benefit from working with SMAC?

If you are a:

Pneumatic Distributor

Sensor Distributor

Read testimonials from SMAC distributors to find out how they developed new sales opportunities with SMAC products.


SMAC leads the field in producing cost competitive products. We do this because SMAC follows a strategy of reducing the price of its new products by 35% every four to five years. SMAC can do this because it makes key cost components, like encoders, itself. This means SMAC actuators are now replacing pneumatic cylinders all over the world because the payback has dropped to under a year. (And our costs, hence prices, are continuing to drop).


SMAC is unique in its ability to offer technical field support throughout the world. SMAC technical support branches provide hands-on support to distributors and their customers, including local service and proof of application. SMAC also offers training courses to our distributors. This helps those distributors making the transition from pneumatic to electric get there fast, with a solid technical understanding of electric actuators.

Good partnership

SMAC sells through its distributor network, so a distributor can be confident that OEM development will be worth the effort. SMAC makes sure that the distributor who makes the effort gets the benefit. This extends even to the point of insuring that a distributor that does the spec work gets a percentage of the sale when SMAC products are bought in another area of the world.

Get your feet wet – jump in!

There is rapid change from pneumatic to electric in traditional pneumatic markets (packaging, electronic, medical, automotive, and glass, etc.) SMAC has a purposeful strategy to work with capable pneumatic distributors who want to move with the times – and it’s a good move to make.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Also, check for the location of the nearest SMAC branch or main office.


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