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Ohlheiser Co., Connecticut, USA

  1. Machines are getting faster and smarter pneumatics has limitations to meet these needs, also growing concern of energy consumption of pneumatic actuators by customers.
  2. We have had success with integrators and large OEMs, because we have been able to identify good applications and bring in the demo to demonstrate the features that the actuator has that fit the app.
  3. We needed to recognize good applications and be confident to do the demo and explain the programming.
  4. The CBL package size and pricing opens up many more potential customers;
  • that could not either cost justify or fit into their design.
  • that price point should be very attractive.

Bender Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Why did we decide to sell SMAC products?

  • It is an alternative to pneumatics in the field of automation and an outstanding product within the cylinder and slide actuator technology.
  • SMAC actuators are unique in that it combines force, motion and acceleration.
  • Open programming of the controller.
  • Combination of high precision and high speed.
  • We gained more opportunities to establish a spot at the market.
  • Excellent support and service from SMAC.
  • A mix of product line with linear, linear/rotary, slide and gripper.

What success have we had and why?

  • Automation technology for which pneumatic became irrelevant were replaced by SMAC solutions.
  • Price is good for complex applications.
  • We were able to use SMAC actuators for entire assembly machines.
  • Inspection and measuring applications.
  • Applications for independent sectors.

What did we need to learn in order to sell?

  • Learning basic technical features is crucial.
  • Ability to offer the entire service.
  • It's impossible to sell the product through catalogs. Demo units and presentations are necessary.

How do the new products like the CBL help us sell?

  • The price of the CBL series offers new possibilities to sell.
  • The sale becomes easier with the cylindrical design and the small size of the units.
  • The units have a major advantage by its price and performance in comparison to the LA series.

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