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Moving Coil Actuators
The ability to do work and verify its accuracy at the same time.
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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators - Electric Actuator, Cylinder, Linear, Linear Rotary, Gripper, XY Stage
  smac electric actuators

SMAC manufactures programmable electric actuators based on moving coil technology. These actuators are unique in that force, position and speed are totally programmable. They are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. This makes them ideal for a wide range of positioning, measuring, inspection and pick and place applications, particularly where 100% verification is required.


  Assembly Applications
  Automotive Applications
  Electronic Applications
  Glassmaking Applications
  Packaging Applications
  Medical & Science Applications
  Three Dimensional Applications
  Other Applications

SMAC electronic actuators are used widely in industries and applications such as:

  • Automotive assembly and testing
  • Electronic manufacturing and assembly
  • Scientific and biotech
  • Glass manufacturing and cutting
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Robotics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laser cutting
  • High-speed scanning
  • Dispensing
  • Switch testing
  • Spot welding and soldering
  • Measuring

...and more.


We support our products worldwide through a comprehensive network of technical support branches and distribution. Our design and production plants in the United States, Europe, and Asia provide actuators that fit local customer requirements on a timely basis.

SMAC is also constantly working on new and diverse applications with both OEMs and end-users across the world. If you have an application where you feel SMAC can be of help, please feel free to contact us and one of our engineers will be in touch.

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