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VLC-1-07 / VLC-1-13 Single Axis DC Brushed/Brushless Controller

(VLC-1-07 / VLC-1-13)

The VLC-1-07 and VLC-1-13 controllers are a standalone integrated controller/servo drive that is used for the control of brushed/brushless industrial linear actuators and motors. The VLC-1-07 and VLC-1-13 implement a mnemonic type command instruction set via a standard serial (UART) communication interface. These commands can be executed directly or used to create programs that can be stored in the on-board flash memory.

Operating Modes 
Position, Velocity, Torque (voltage- and current- based) 
Filter Algorithm 
Max. Servo Loop Rate 
100 μS 
Trajectory Generator 
Servo Position Feedback 
Incremental Encoder with Index 
Supply Voltage 
+8 To +50 VDC 
Output (Standard) 
PWM (space-vector-modulated).
VLC-1-07: 6 A continuous, 7.8 A peak.
VLC-1-13: 10 A continuous, 13 A peak. 
Current resolution 
VLC-1-07: 2.93 mA.
VLC-1-13: 6.35 mA.
Custom current resolution can be made by request. 
Motor Type 
3-Phase Brushless, DC Brushed, DC Linear Actuator 
PWM Frequency 
20.0 KHz 
Encoder and Index Input 
Encoder Supply Voltage 
5 VDC 
Encoder Input Voltage 
5.5 VDC Max., -0.1 VDC Min. 
Encoder Count Rate 
40 million encoder counts per second 
Position Range 
31 Bits 
Velocity Range 
31 Bits 
Acceleration Range 
31 Bits 
> Serial (UART): non-isolated, 9600 baud default, selectable between 2400 – 460800 
> Driver overtemperature at 150 degrees C 
> Overcurrent 
> Overload 
> Reversed power supply polarity connection 
> I2T 
> (excessive) servo position error 
Program space 
> Macro storage: 7 kB (from firmware v1.52: 56286 bytes) 
> Maximum number of macros: 256 (from firmware v1.53: 512) 
> Maximum number of program registers: 2048 
Digital I/O 
8x Opto-isolated Digital Inputs w/Common: 
> 24 V Level Input 
8x Solid-state Relay Outputs w/Common: 
> 200 mA Current 
> Tolerant to 60 V 
Dedicated Digital I/O 
1x opto-isolated coarse home input 
Analog I/O 
2 input channels (differential): 0 to +/-10V With 12-Bit Resolution. 
3 input channels (single-ended): 0 to +10V With 12-Bit Resolution. 
2 output channels: 0-10V With 12-Bit Resolution. 
2x Opto-isolated STO Inputs: 
> 24 V Level Input 
1x Opto-isolated STO Feedback Output: 
> 200 mA Current 
> Tolerant to 60 V 


VLC-X Editor Setup 1.2
Easy setup and tuning of control parameters for VLC series controllers.



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