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Coming Soon! - CDL38 Series Electric Cylinder

The Latest SMAC Electric Cylinder Offers High Performance and Cost Benefits - Prices Starting as Low as $300.

SMAC Corporation will launch the CDL series, the latest addition to its electric cylinders designed to replace pneumatic cylinders with high speed, performance, and long cycle life at competitive prices. Starting with 38mm diameter cylinder with stroke lengths from 10mm up to 200mm.

The CDL features and advantages are:

  • Direct drive brushless DC servo actuator. 
  • Precision linear guide achieves over 100 million cycle life.
  • Programmable positions, speeds, and forces. 
  • SMAC’s Soft-Land capability. 
  • Strokes for 10 mm to 200 mm. 
  • Built in controller option.
  • Vacuum through shaft option.
  • List price starts as low as $300.


Gage Actuators

Smart Gauging - Improves Gage R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility)

SMAC electric gage actuators provide you gaging solutions with consistant, fast and precise control of the process. Gage actuators are easy to install and eliminate problems associated with the conventional pneumatic solutions. They reduce maintenance time and cost. These actuators are designed based on SMAC proprietary moving coil technology and include SMAC’s own encoders. SMAC offers two types of gage actuators: MLA8 sereis (Powered Actuator) and MSA8 sereis (Linear Spring Loaded Probe).


LBR40 Series Linear Rotary Actuator

The LBR40 is a slim, stackable linear rotary actuator with a SMAC HT35 direct drive brushless motor. The LBR provides a long life cycle, high linear force and rotary torque. Encoder resolutions are available from 5 micron to 1um for application flexibility to optimize on position control. Priced competitively with the added benefit of real time feedback of data required to assure quality. IP67 protection is available as well as a built-in controller with popular communication protocols.  

CBR100 Series Linear Rotary Cylinder

Independent linear and rotary motion within one conventional cylinder shape actuator with a M12 connector optional. The Rotary motor features SMAC’s advanced HT motors based on SMACs printed coil and Halbac magnet circuit. IP rated structure provides protection for wash down environments.


  • Indipendent linear and rotary motion in one cylinder

  • Ethernet/IP communications with M12 connectors optional

  • Soft-Land function and precise force/torque control

  • IP67 rated with IP69 capability

HT35 Motorht35 motor

The HT is a new revolutionary high torque brushless DC motor. Compared to other brushless motors, the HT Motor has a flat torque–speed curve meaning that the speed is less influenced when the torque is increased. The secret to that is found how the magnetic circuit is built. A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology achieves higher torque/amp.

Most small motors run at high RPMs but have low torque. These are not well fitted for robotic applications. Expensive and heavy gears are required to get to the required torque. Higher currents and/or voltages are needed to get useful torques.


VLC (Very Low Cost) Controllers

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has announced release of their next generation Very Low Cost (VLC) DC brushed/brushless motor controllers/drivers. With a price starting at $300, the VLC represents another 35% drop in price compared to many of the company’s previous controllers with noloss in features/functionality. This enables SMAC to compete with older technology such as pneumatic cylinders and electric ball screws and attract new OEM applications.
SMAC’s VLC product line is designed and built by SMAC in the United States. Since SMAC controls the development, it can adjust the product to specific design and market/customer needs. These efficiencies result in a considerable cost-savings to the end customer.
The VLC - with its compact size and flexible shape capability - can be easily added to virtually all SMAC actuators. This is important because of the trend to combine actuators with controllers which eliminates cables and the need for space in control cabinets on machines.

VLC-M1VLC Controller

“Very Low Cost” Single Axis Servo Motor Controller/Driver

3-Phase Brushless, DC Brushed, DC linear actuator.
  • Mode: Position/Velocity/Force/Soft-Land
  • 8–50VDC
  • 3.5 Arms continuous, 6.5 Arms peak
  • 1 analog input, 0-10V range, 12 bit
  • 2 PLC level opto isolated digital outputs 5 to 24V
  • 2 SSR (solid state relay) isolated digital inputs 5-24V
  • RS232



Built-in Type “Very Low Cost” Single-Axis Servo Motor Controller/Driver

3-Phase Brushless, DC Brushed, DC linear actuator

  • Mode: Position/Velocity/Force/Soft-Land 
  • 8-48VDC
  • 3.5 Arms cont., 6.5 Arms peak
  • 2 differential analog inputs,12 bit
  • 4 PLC level opto isolated digital outputs 5 to 24V
  • 4 SSR (solid state relay) isolated digital inputs 5-24V
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • 2 STO Opto-Isolated Inputs 5-24V
  • 1 STO Opto-Isolated Feedback Output 5-24V
  • Analog Outputs 1 Channel, 0 to 10V with 12-Bit Resolution
  • RS232


“Very Low Cost” Two-Axis Servo Motor Controller/Driver

3-Phase Brushless, DC Brushed, DC linear actuator.

  • Mode: Position/Velocity/Force/Soft-Land
  • 8-48VDC
  • 6 Arms cont., 7.8 Arms peak, 10 Arms cont., 13 Arms peak output optional (consult factory)
  • 4 PLC level opto isolated digital outputs 5 to 24V
  • 4 SSR (solid state relay) isolated digital inputs 5-24V
  • 2 Opto-Isolated Coarse Home Inputs
  • 2 STO Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs, 5V to 24V Max
  • 1 STO Opto-Isolated Feedback Output 5-24V
  • 2 12-Bit Differential Analog Inputs, 0 to +/- 10V Range
  • 3 12-Bit Analog Inputs, 0V to 10V Range
  • 2 12-Bit Analog Outputs, OV to 10V Range (0V to 5V Optional)


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