SRE-17 シリーズ ロータリエンコーダ

SRE-17 シリーズ ロータリエンコーダ

The SRE rotary encoder is a high-performance optical incremental encoder, which delivers two count channels in quadrature (called A and B) as output signals, plus a third index signal.  The two output waveforms are 90 degrees out of phase and indicate both the position and the direction of rotation: if A leads B, for example, then the rotor rotates in counterclockwise direction. Otherwise, if B leads A, then the rotor rotates in clockwise direction. These encoders can be easily installed in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

  • Resolution: 24000 CPR, 48000 CPR
  • Light Source: IR Led;
  • Light Sensor: Photodiodes interlaced array
  • Resolution after quadrature: See interpolation factors;
  • Output Format: Differential RS422 (100 Ohm load across complements). Three channels output: A and B signals in quadrature with compliments with index signal;
  • Quadrature spec.: 90° ± 45° bit to bit (Max. Conditions, 100 kHz). 180° ± 18° (1k FRQ. and at nominal mounting dimensions);
  • Rise and Fall Time: 1 µs max. into 1000 pF load;

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