SLE シリーズ リニアエンコーダ

SLE シリーズ リニアエンコーダ

The SLE-34 is a miniature non-contacting high-resolution incremental linear encoder, which delivers two count channels in quadrature as output signals. The two output waveforms are 90 degrees out of phase and indicate both the position and the movement direction: when Channel A leads Channel B, for example, then the movement is from left to right of the scale when viewing the pattern side of the scale. Otherwise, if B leads A, then the displacement is in the opposite direction. This encoder has a 0.1 or 0.05 Micron resolution. The SLE-34 is similar in mounting to other industry standard enclosed linear encoders. 

  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Light Sensor:  Optical Asic
  • Resolution after quadrature: 0.1um or 0.05um.
  • Output Format: Differential RS422 line driver output. Two count channels A and B in quadrature with an  ZR output.
  • Quadrature spec.: 90°  45° at maximum conditions.
  • Rise and Fall Time: 1 uS max. into 1000 pF load.
  • Travel length: up to 150 mm.

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