VLC 1軸 DCブラシ/ブラシレス コントローラ

VLC-M1 1軸 DCブラシ/ブラシレス コントローラ

The VLC is a single axis DC brushed/brushless motor controller/driver, designed and manufactured by SMAC in the United States. With a list price of $300 for stand-alone (from $250 for built-in types), the VLC represents 35% drop in price compared to our previous controllers. 

Customizations of the VLC to specific design and market/customer needs are possible. These efficiencies result in a considerable cost-savings to the end customer. The VLC, with its compact size and flexible shape capability, can be easily built-in to most SMAC actuators. This eliminates cables and the need for space in control cabinets on machines, which simplifies the customer’s machine design and maintenance.

The VLC’s expanded version is coming soon to include built-in industrial Ethernet interfaces, expanded I/O, STO (Safe Torque Off) and 2-axis version.

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