LAC-25 2軸コントローラ

LAC-25 2軸コントローラ


  • 2軸コントローラ
  • アンプ内蔵
  • 制御:位置、速度、推力
  • 入力電圧:12-48(DC V)
  • 定格電流3A/軸、最大電流6A/軸
  • 汎用入出力:フォトアイソレーション4入力、4出力
  • アナログ入出力:1出力/軸
  • RS-232Cインターフェース 
Stand-Alone 2 Axis Servo Motor Controller / Driver
Operating Modes
Position, Velocity, Torque and Electronic Gearing
Filter Algorithm
Max. Filter Update Rate
100 µS Per Enabled Axis
Trajectory Generator
Trapezoidal, Electronic Gearing
Servo Position Feedback
Incremental Encoder with Index
Output (Standard)
PWM Motor Drive, 3 Amps Cont. and 6 Amps Peak at 50 VDC Max.
PWM Frequency
Approximately 19.531 KHz
Encoder And Index Input
Single-ended or Differential
Encoder Supply Voltage
Encoder Input Voltage
5.5 VDC Max., -0.1 VDC Min.
Encoder Count Rate
2 Million Quadrature Counts per Second
Position Range
32 Bits
Velocity Range
31 Bits
Acceleration Range
31 Bits
General Purpose Digital I/O
4 Optoisolated Inputs, 4 Optoisolated Outputs
Dedicated Digital Inputs
Limit+, Limit-, Home and Fault for each axis
Analog Inputs
5 Channels With 10-Bit Resolution, 3 are user accessible
Analog Outputs
2 Channels With 12-Bit Resolution, ± 10VDC.
Communication Interface
RS-232 Serial Interface, Adjustable Baud Rate, 8 Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, XON/XOFF Handshake
Supply Voltage
+18 To +50 VDC
Motor Voltage
+12 To +48 VDC
Approximately 7.6“ Long by 3.3“ Wide by 1.1“ Thick
Approximately 1 Lb.

SMAC LAC-X Editor 1.02
Easy setup and tuning of control parameters for LAC-1, LAC-25, LAC-26, LAC-45 and Smart Driver.

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