SMAC for Brewers

Brewers, Microbrewers and Manufacturers of Craft Beers have special needs that SMAC Moving Coil Actuators addresses.

Cleaning Kegs

Air cylinders are frequently used to plug beer kegs with a sprinkler that cleans the keg’s interior. The cylinder has to be replaced frequently due to corrosion. Since it does not have position control this contributes to an imperfect seal and the leaking of chemicals which constantly damages the air cylinder.

Double Seam of Aluminum Can Lids

Can seaming is done at high speeds from 1200 to 1800 cpm on rotary systems. The quality engineers and mechanical engineers need to check manually for a good seam one can at a time. SMAC can help measure the seam quality with our actuators taking a height measurement of the can, similar to a leak test but in this case top to bottom. This solution helps quality, diminishes the amount of rework and eliminates the amount of defective reject product.

CO2 Dosing

CO2 is injected into cans before Double Seam. The CO2 is used to pressurize and kill bacteria; an application similar to Liquid Hydrogen dosing for which SMAC is an established solution.

Palletizer Can Square

In this case the fastest operations are 1200 to 1800 cans per minute. The palletizer uses pneumatics to move the cans and square on all four sides. This process is unnecessarily time consuming. The cylinders are not capable of moving fast and touch softly to square the cans on top of pallet liner without damaging them. This part of the process is a bottle neck and production is slowed. SMAC can help speed up their process with the use of our patented Soft-Land and position features.


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