LVDTs compared to SMAC Gage Actuators



SMAC Gage Actuator

Output Force LVDTs require a spring or air. If a spring, it is a set force determined by the spring rate. If air pressure, the LVDT requires additional pneumatic components and manual adjustment of air pressure to change force. Force is programmable.
Extension to Part The LVDT or the part must be moved to each other. Contains motor - can program position, velocity, soft-land, and force, preventing witness marks being left on part surface.
Cost LVDT alone is under $1000 but other required components and amplifiers drive costs must higher. SMAC Gage Actuator is priced comparable to an LVDT alone.
Accuracy Accuracy can improve as window of distance decreases. For SMAC high resolution is constant through the entire stroke.
Direct Drive Touch on Surface Being Measured LVDTs require mechanical assembly, no direct drive touch. No need for mechanical assembly; uses direct drive touch on surface being measured, making the job 100% accurate.
Compressed Air LVDT pneumatic systems make linear movement possible only through mechanical assembly. SMAC Gage Actuators are electric and do not require compressed air.
Mechanical Adjustments LVDTs mechanical assemblies require occasional mechanical re-adjustment, especially if there are varying part change overs. No need for mechanical adjustments and can easily handle change overs via previously programmed parameters.
Recalibration LVDTs construction requires constant recalibration. No need for actuator recalibration. If calibration is desired it is a simple task.
Pneumatic Drop Installations LVDTs require mechanical and pneumatic assembly. No need for pneumatic drops from building. This is an all-electric solution.
Periodic Maintenance LVDTs need periodic maintenance, replacement. No need for periodic maintenance.
Durability LVDTs cannot handle sideloading or shock / impact loading. The internal guiding is weak. This causes them to be damaged easily. Motion is controlled by the actuator, there are cross roller guides for high rigidity and a nose bushing for additional sideload supporting.

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