LAC-1 Single axis controller

LAC-1 Single axis controller

High speed single axis controller with built in amplifier.

  • Single phase brush motor
  • Mode: Position Velocity Force
  • Built-in amplifier
  • 12-48VDC
  • 3amp cont., 6amp peak
  • 8TTL input/output
  • 3 analog inputs, 10 bit
  • RS232 interface
Stand-Alone 1 Axis Servo Motor Controller / Driver
Operating Modes
Position, Velocity, Torque
Filter Algorithm
Max. Servo Loop Rate
200 µS
Trajectory Generator
Servo Position Feedback
Incremental Encoder with Index
Output (Standard)
PWM Motor Drive, 3 Amps Cont. and 6 Amps Peak at 50 VDC Max.
PWM Frequency
Approximately 19.531 KHz
Encoder and Index Input
Single-ended or Differential
Encoder Supply Voltage
Encoder Input Voltage
5.5 VDC Max., -0.1 VDC Min.
Encoder Count Rate
2 Million Quadrature Counts per Second
Position Range
32 Bits
Velocity Range
32 Bits
Acceleration Range
32 Bits
General Purpose Digital I/O
8 HCT TTL Inputs, 8 HCT TTL Outputs
Dedicated Digital Inputs
Limit+, Limit-, Home and Fault, all TTL
Analog Inputs
4 Channels With 10-Bit Resolution, 3 are user accessible
Expansion I/O
Optional Expansion to 64 I/O
Communication Interface
RS-232 Serial Interface, Adjustable Baud Rate, 8 Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, XON/XOFF Handshake
Supply Voltage
+11 To +50 VDC
Motor Voltage
+12 To +48 VDC
Approximately 5.0” Long by 3.3” Wide by 1.1” Thick
Approximately 1 Lb.

SMAC LAC-X Editor 1.01
Easy setup and tuning of control parameters for LAC-1, LAC-25, LAC-45 and Smart Driver.



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