SMAC CBL対空気圧アクチュエータ


CBL Performance

Air Performance


Speed > 2,500 CPM <1,200 CPM (higher rates = reduced Durability) > 1.5x throughput increase
Durability > 200 Million Cycles 10-20 Million Cycles CPM = 250
CB = 6,000 hrs. MTBF
Air = 1,200 hrs. MTBF
Configurability Speed, Positions and Force None, limited to mechanical adjustment Quick & Easy to set up/change
Energy Consumption Low (24/48v) voltage/amps (1.7A peak) High cost of Air supply + Electricity for control >30x lower energy consumption than Air
8 HP of electricity to produce 1 HP of air
Noise Level < 55 dB Typically > 85 some > 110 dB Achieves ‘Silent’ Industrial classification
Repeatability +/- 1 ms cycle time variance 20 ms cycle time variance Enables increased throughput & synchronisation of process
Validation Encoder feedback & control of all movement parameters available Sensors/Switches cannot control the movement, only set fixed limits Less destructive movements
No separate sensors
In-line Changeover Reconfigure for different movements in seconds Change unit or adjust for small variations, in minutes/hours Reduce change over time and cost
Cost of Ownership One time buy, no maintenance/adjustment Regular replacement , adjustment/repair, compressor and control valves, tubing etc Air = Between 5-7x cost of CB moving coils solution
Position Verification Interface visually displays rod’s exact position for setup and evaluation Location of rod un unknown and must be visually debugged Faster setup and more precise motion profiling

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