Luer Capping with SMAC

Luer capping, needle capping and syringe capping require special considerations. Users need to verify that caps are seated correctly the first time.

When performing a capping sequence SMAC actuators can verify:

  • Bad threads (cross threads, oversize/undersize threads, no threads)
  • Landed height in the linear axis 
  • Provides torque feedback 
  • Final height in the linear axis (and degree of rotation)
  • Verifies final torque is reached (i.e., cap is on tight to spec)

*In some cases all capabilities are utilized in under 1 second per part*luer cap

All of the variable data can be sent/ retrieved via various communication options. User assignable I/O can report pass or fail criteria as well.

SMAC Advantages:

  • Eliminate pneumatic systems, ball screw, linear guides, stepper motor, magnetic clutch, and load cell.
  • Verify and monitor your capping process from start to finish. 
  • Constant data streaming ensures a quality process.
  • Data collection on every part via our I/O.
  • Maintenance free low cost operation. No filters, air leaks, or compressors to maintain.
  • Millions of cycles.
  • Ultra-low particle generation for clean room applications.


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