Automotive OEM, Tier One Containment

SMAC is taking the human error out of the quality equation. 

As a Tier One supplier, you're at the top of an Automotive OEM’s chain of suppliers. Being identified as a Tier One Supplier establishes both the credibility and commitment required by global OEMs to their closest business partners. You are trusted to design, develop and validate the products and systems that the vehicle manufacture incorporated into their final products. OEMs using Tier One components count on your products to deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction and help them maintain their world class reputations in the eyes of their customers.

SMAC enables Tier One suppliers to deliver the highest quality products to OEMs around the world. With our unique ability to verify the worked performed at each step of the production cycle, our actuators provide automated, 100% inspection on:

  • Bore gauging and groove inspection
  • Thread checking 
  • Switch (Human Interface) testing
  • Touch screen functionality verification
  • Camera lens and distance sensor - build sequencing and verification
  • Lever, buckle, handle force inspection
  • Couture/form verification (glass or cam/crankshafts)
  • Sub-componants location/installation verification

The automotive containment solution from SMAC enables a 100% detailed inspection and verification of all parts. It also can identify tool-wear sooner, and allow data acquisition for process control and quality systems documentation. All of this translates to higher quality, throughput, lowered costs, and increased customer confidence and satisfaction. SMAC can thereby avoid containment and its associated issues.

automotive containment

The main benefit in utilizing SMAC actuators in your production process is that it enables the Tier One supplier to produce 100% quality parts. SMAC ensures the confidence of the OEM in your abilities and PPAP approval is achieved faster. Contact us for a live demonstration and discuss how we can take the human error out of the quality equation for you.

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