SMAC OEM Solutions

Building innovative solutions is what you do every day. And since 1990, SMAC Moving Coil Actuators OEM Solutions has been working with companies around the world just like you, in packaging, electronics, automotive, pharma, biotech and general manufacturing, to help them go to market more efficiently by building original equipment that utilizes SMAC's programmable velocity, position and force, as well as the Soft-Land routine. And with unparalleled support, SMAC OEM has the breadth to help you securely manage and support your solutions around the world.

By managing the technology, design, manufacturing, and support for your solution, we give you more time to focus on your customers and bring your optimal solution to market – a solution backed by SMAC quality and service.

Learn more about how you can augment your specialty machines on current applications by contacting your local dealer.

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