Inspección de álabes de turbina

Product used: LCA25 series linear


  1. To measure how parallel a turbine blade is to the fixture that the blade is being held on.
  2. Surface has to be parallel within 15 microns, otherwise blade will be scrapped.

Customer problem/ objective

  1. All other devices they had tried could not achieve landing onto the turbine without damaging it, or being able to constantly feedback positional values back to the PC, within the controller tolerances could be set as well.
  2. Objective is to find a device that can achieve the above without damaging the blade


  1. LCA25-10-51F with controller and cable.
    1. Move out & soft-land onto the turbine.
    2. Feed positional information back to the computer.

Check measurements in our own controller to see if the blade is within tolerance, Signal pass or fail at the end of the cycle.

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