Smart Phone Camera & Speaker Assembly

Speaker Driver Chip Assembly

Product used: LCA25 series linear

Objective: This assembly requires both precise placement and precise low force control. Their existing technology was low friction air cylinders with low air pressure. Because of poor force control, customer wanted to replace it with electric device.

Solution: The LCA25-010 gave the customer the opportunity to assemble with SMAC’s Soft-Land capability, controlled low force, variable speed control, and position feedback for 100% proof of quality. All this at price that is comparable to the previous air solution. Accuracy and production speed were improved.

Camera Lens Assembly

Product used: LAR15 series linear rotary

Problem: Customer is an optics manufacturer that makes adjustable lenses used in most camera module in major smart phone brands. They were using ballscrew servo-slide and a rotary motor for wafer pick and place. They couldn’t achieve the speed they wanted and damage fragiled parts due to poor force control.

Solution: SMAC’s LAR15 linear rotary actuator performs pick-orient- place movement in a single unit and was about the same cost. LAR15’s precise force control and Soft-Land capability to prevent parts damage delivered a great advantage. Exceptional actuator life and speed were also the key to win this application.



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