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SMAC electric actuators perform the tests and feedback not only a Pass / Fail result but also provide:

  • Force vs. Position graph
  • Force vs. position data feedback
  • Registers electrical contact point
  • High speed durability testing
  • Laboratory & production SPC data

The benefits of incorporating SMAC actuators into switch testing applications include:

  • Linear/Rotary and XYZ systems allow buttons to be tested sequentially
  • Compact size, light weight and built-in measuring capability facilitate integration into production line stations
  • Life tests can be carried out automatically
  • Tests are performed with outstanding levels of accuracy, velocity and repeatability
  • Force/Position/Time charts can be easily generated
  • Rotary switch positions and torque are accurately gauged
  • Slight torque value differences can be detected

Common Applications

  • Touch screens
  • Horn switches
  • Car stereo buttons and knobs
  • Cell phones
  • Computer keyboards
  • Mechanical latches
  • Electric window rocker switches
  • Multi-function switches
  • Micro-switches
  • Membrane keypads
  • Combined linear and rotary moves for key locks
  • Safety relays

Typical Testing Sequence

  1. Touch the surface with as little force as needed
  2. Learn the initial position
  3. Push all the way down and determine click point and extreme position
  4. Measure minimum force needed to activate the switch
  5. Pull up and measure the force
  6. Check whether the initial position has been restored
  7. Report on all acquired data
  8. Generate force vs. position graphs

All these steps can be performed and the data captured in very short cycle times.

Force vs Position Data Feedback

force vs position graph

SMAC’s devices combine the features of an LVDT, Load Cell and zero-backlash positioning system are in a single unit. This makes SMAC actuators ideal for reporting force vs. position and high speed durability testing. They easily integrate into any SPC data collection software and accurately determine electrical contact points.

High speed durability testing - 1,000,000 cycles in under 8 hours.

High Speed Durability Graph

Touchscreen Testing

Similar concepts could be applied to any touchscreen.

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