LAA-5 Amplifier

LAA-5 Amplifier

A stand alone single axis amplifier which can be used in conjunction with any proprietary controller.

  • Single axis amplifier
  • 24-48VDC
  • 3amp cont., 6amp peak
  • ± 10 Volt command input
  • 3 amp output
Supply Voltage:
11-48 Volts DC
Output Current
3 Amps Continuous; 6 Amps Peak
Nominal Input Voltage Control Range:
±10 Volts
Maximum Input Voltage:
±15 Volts
Quiescent Current:
Approximately 30mA
Enable Input Current:
Approximately 2mA
Overtemp Output Current:
0.8V at 2mA
Input/Output Gain:
Approximately 0.6 Amps/Volt
Input/Output Linearity:
Approximately ±6% over the entire operating range for an output current of 1 to 3 amps
Operating Frequency Band:
Switching Frequency:
Approximately 55KHz
Operating Temperature Range:
0°C <= To <=50ºC
Storage Temperature Range:
-40°C <= Ts <=125ºC
Input Impedence:
>2K Ohms

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