CBC Controller - Integrated Driver & Controller

CBC single axis miniature controller

Single axis miniature integrated driver & controller for single phase brush/3 phase brushless motor. The CBC can be perfectly integrated in SMAC actuators in applications with limited space but requiring accurate control.


  • Compact: 20 mm W x 28 mm L x 16 mm H when folded, and 45.7 mm W x 28 mm L x 7 mm H when unfolded
  • Combines controller, driver, and stand-alone programmability into single unit
  • Programmable motion controller
  • Digital and analog command source
  • Ability to switch between motion modes
  • Easy expansion to multi-axis

Ambient operating temperature

0C to 70C (motor housing temp.)

LED display (GREEN)

Power on, Fault, Digital output

Communication interface


2 PLC level, non-isolated digital input

Single end 24V level input, impedance 140k, 48V tolerant

2  Open drain digital output

500mA sink capacity

1  Analog input (single end)

0 -5V

Power supply input

8Vdc – 48Vdc

Encoder interface

TTL differential

Motor interface

Brush, and Brushless

Maximum peak phase current

4 A (rms) @ 1s

Maximum continuous phase current

1.5 A (rms)

Flash memory



Over temperature, over current, Overload, Reverse polarity connection

CBC Control Center 0.62
Easy setup and tuning of control parameters for miniature CBC controller.


CBC 1.4 programmav1P
Base program for CBC controller. (This program is preinstalled.)

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