CAL Series

Electric Cylinders Cal Series

SMAC’s first series of Electric Cylinders designed to challenge pneumatic devices. CAL Series Electric Cylinders offer longer life than pneumatic cylinders, as well as more precise and repeatable force control and positioning than conventional pneumatic devices.

  • Quiet and airless operation
  • Long life cycle
  • Programmable position, velocity and force
  • Soft-Land function and precise force control
  • 100% Data feedback
  • No external switches or sensors are required
  • Ideal for clean room environments
Actuator Models Single Axis Controller Dual Axis Controller Amplifier Smart Driver
  LAC-1 LCC-10(11) LAC-26 LAC-25 LAA-5 LAD-1
CAL CAH-LOD26-03 CAH-LOD26-03 - - CAH-LAD26-03 CAH-LSD26-03
2x CAL - - - CAH-LTD-03 - -

No cable required for flying lead option.

Encoder resolutions: CAL12 series: 1μm standard. 0.1μm optional.

Shaft ends: Male, Female, Blank and Custom

Retrun spring: Prevents the shaft from dropping during vertical operation when power is cut.

Vacuum: Vacuum through the shaft or on the shaft for pick and place applications.

Mount: Face mount (standard), foot mount or threaded mount (CAL12 series only)

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