Other Applications

The unique features of SMAC electric actuators make them ideal for many highly-specialized applications. Repeatable control force and speed, along with 100% data feedback and the ability to "Soft-Land" allows SMAC electric actuators to perform tasks that other automation devices are unable to handle. High speed inspection and testing of delicate or oddly-shaped materials and parts is easy with SMAC actuators.

Please contact us if you have a project you would like to discuss. SMAC can customize a design specifically to meet your needs.


Brief description

Products used

Contact Inspection of Soft Contact Lens Mold

Measurement the mold with a controlled light touch


Synthetic Grass Measure

Measurement for layer thickness of Granulated Rubber and White Sand.

LCA25 series linear actuator

Screw Driver Test

Simplifying the system: Replacement of three devices with one linear rotary actuator.

LAR series linear rotary actuator

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